community and FITNESS are Built brick by Brick.


a Proper gym & Community


Built on the forgotten ideal of a community fitness facility, we strive to be a bold presence in the community and to provide a truly genuine, full service fitness club reminiscent of days gone by.

Built -in- Studio City was founded in September 2016. It is a two-story, 9000 sq. ft. building boasting its own private parking lot and one of the largest classroom spaces in Studio City. Having unlimited access to all our classes, in-house personal training, new strength and cardio equipment and full locker rooms makes Built Gymnasium truly one of a kind.

Your first day is on us, so come on in and see what makes us so special. 


All our classes are included in your membership!


So go ahead, try that class you have always wondered about.

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Since Built Gymnasium is a full service fitness facility, all our classes are included in your membership.

  • This means you get unlimited classes for less than $2.00 a day!
  • There are no sign-up or fees for any of our classes.
  • All classes are approximately 50 minutes.
  • There are no sign-ups or additional fees for class.

While we do have equipment and supplies for you to use in all of our classes, we suggest that you bring your own if you can. This is especially true with boxing gloves and wrist wraps as well as yoga and Pilates mats.


-- Monday to Friday 5:00am to Midnight --- Saturday & Sunday  7:00am to 10:00pm --


Membership types to fit every situation.

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Pro-Rated first month with the following one time fee:

$99 Initiation Fee

$25 Processing Fee

BUDDY RATE -- Drops Initiation Fee to $49 for each person


Pay upfront for the year and there are no additional fees.

1 YEAR --  $780

BUDDY RATE 1 YEAR -- $700 for each person

Short term

Short term memberships are available for convenience. 

6 MONTH --  $540

3 MONTH --  $300

2 MONTH -- $210

1 MONTH -- $115

Trial Periods

If you just are not entirely sure, just give us a try!

2 WEEK -- $85

1 WEEK -- $65

1 DAY -- $20

1 CLASS -- $10

** Cheaper than Class Pass! **

Reach out!

Have questions? We have the answer!

If you want to know more about what we offer, who we are or what we do, please feel free to reach out to us.

If you are a trainer or class instructor and would like information about working with us, please send us a message with all of your info.

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